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Pokemon Sundays #3 - No Returning Champions!

  The game that keeps bringing in people A lot can be said about the Pokemon TCG especially since the big "internet boom" last year that brought back out the collectors, new collectors and even the scalpers. Even with the resurgence of people buying packs it ain't stopping some of the veterans such as myself and newer players from playing the game.  Our 3rd Pokemon Sunday brought in new players from around the area and we battled it out in a tournament for 6 people with the first finals being a BO3.  It was fun seeing every one playing different decks especially non-meta ones. We seen an electric deck that runs tapu koko vmax instead of pikarom, a beefed up evolution deck, and we saw the occasional ADP. This was our first tournament to not feature any of the returning champions from the last two Sundays but we hope to see them soon. Let's get someone to win 3 tournies in a row! We are getting ready to post sign-ups for our OL Season so hopefully we can bring in more f
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Pokemon Sundays #2 with Final commentary... Of some sort!

Pokemon TCG Showdown! Our 2nd Pokemon Sunday Session started off with a huge bang! We had more players show up and we even got one from the previous league play. The Casual Sunday Tourney had 9 entrants which is about double from last week. With this, we were able to see more decks meta or non-meta play. We had a player play with a beefed up version of the Vivid Voltage Charizard deck. We had someone play a Charizard League Battle Deck with some upgrades and of course we saw the usual ADP and Eternatus come into play as well. The battles were long but we were able to finish it off with a crazy finals which we were able to captured and put up a none-to less professional commentary version of it on youtube (check below!) Tournament finished! I may re-assess how to run the finals where the bracket can reset and the someone coming from the lower brackets will have to beat the Winner bracket twice and a 20 minute match timer for each round. All rounds will start at different times so runnin

Let's get more Pokemon TCG News - Starting with V-Union!

 So with the upcoming Pokemon Sundays I am help running I began to finally dig into the Japanese Meta cause they always have sets ahead of us and their rotation (I think it's now standardized) consisted of more sets included but will change now due to the regulation marks (but they will always have more cards than us) So in the West, we already got Chilling Reign and we are being introduced to Evolving Skies but late last night we were given the news about the new V-Union Mechanic. A mechanic that might look familiar to veteran TCG players in terms of Legends and Break mechanics. Whatta ya hear, whatta ya say? - Paulie Zacian V-Union Greninja V-Union Deck Introducing another V Mechanic to be seen in the V-Union Decks that is dropping this Fall (Japan). They don't count as a basic or an evolution pokemon and the only way to play them is when you have all the pieces in your discard pile.   Pokemon V-Union might look similarly to how exodus is played in Yu-Gi-Oh but you won't

Pokemon Sundays

 Pokemon Sundays Running a League every Sunday I got approved as a Pokemon Professor at the Organizer level awhile back and just recently got our League approved. Unfortuately, Pokemon OP is paused for the rest of the season so we won't be able to get promos or do cool events but that's not stopping us from having Pokemon Sundays where we can have casual fun tournaments for prizes in many different formats. We got 5 (with 4 playing in the tournament) people to show up for our first day and they came from word of month or an advertisement (that we made) from somewhere else. We rocked out with a 5$ buy in where 1st place will receive 2 booster packs and everyone gets 1 for competing. If we get more players there be more/better prizes. I'm also looking into running my own League format. Something similar to 8 weeks, 1 league bo3 a week with top 4 playing in the "Odyssey Pokemon Cup" for a chance to win more booster packs and a "trophy" Everything is still i

Pokemon - Players Cup IV

  Pokemon - Players Cup IV My Journey Through The Qualifers Hey guys, this is my journey through the Players Cup IV Qualifiers. I gotta play through 50 qualifiers to get enough points to be TOP 256 in NA and I'm not even close. I'm about half way through my games and I barely just hit top 800. Players Cup IV is the next tournament cup for all Pokemon related games: Sword/Shields, Pokken, and TCG. Unfortunately due to the pandemic the 2020 Championship series has been cancelled so they moved on to the online platform for now. In the TCG Cup, we are given 50 keys where would use them to play in the Qualifiers to earn enough points to be considered into the top 256 where we play for in brackets for the trophy. Points are earned as follow: 1st place: 5 points 2nd place: 3 points 3rd & 4th place: 1 point each 5th–8th place: 0 points I been running a modified Eternatus-VMAX deck and I been having a lot of success going first (I always decide to go 2nd to be able to use supporters

The Team of Gamblers

  The Team of Gamblers. Can we be one of them? Mahjong is Asia's favorite pasttime. To the West, we have Poker but in the east, it's Mahjong. I always refer to Mahjong (aside from the solitare variation that most people are familair with) as a game that mixes both Rummy and Poker rules and uses dominoes as cards. That's putting it lightly. In most variations of Mahjong, I'll try to explain the gameplay in a very simple way since any variation has their own rules. The main rule in all variations is that you need to make the best hand consistenting of melds and a pair (Similar to Rummy). Those melds are done in tiles of 3 (or 4 if you have a 4 of a kind) and they can be either be a 3 number straight (1-2-3) or trips/three of a kind (3-3-3). The pair can be any 2 of any character. For the most part you can win just playing this but other variations such as Richii (Japan's Mahjong) has a system called Yaku where your hand has to be worth points. Similar to Poker, each w

The Realm of Games

  The Realms of Games To be a Hero or to be in the Stars? What do you guys know about deck-building games? You know the ones where you build your deck as you play not build before you actually play? There are some mechnical differnces between games like these but we can save that for another post. In this post, I would like to introduce two games that we love to add to our roster of games that we would like to play competitively as well as amateur tournaments to host/sponsor. Star realms and Hero Realms (Wize Wizard Games) fall under the deck-building genre where you start off with a small amount of cards and then build your deck as each turn goes. Think of it like Chess. The board has open information, everybody knows where the starting positions are (starting hands in this case) and then anything you buy/play after that is up to you. You can pysch your opponents or make some crazy plays pickng up a card you have no intentions of using just to psych them out. Hero Realms, plays in the