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Pokemon - Players Cup IV

  Pokemon - Players Cup IV My Journey Through The Qualifers Hey guys, this is my journey through the Players Cup IV Qualifiers. I gotta play through 50 qualifiers to get enough points to be TOP 256 in NA and I'm not even close. I'm about half way through my games and I barely just hit top 800. Players Cup IV is the next tournament cup for all Pokemon related games: Sword/Shields, Pokken, and TCG. Unfortunately due to the pandemic the 2020 Championship series has been cancelled so they moved on to the online platform for now. In the TCG Cup, we are given 50 keys where would use them to play in the Qualifiers to earn enough points to be considered into the top 256 where we play for in brackets for the trophy. Points are earned as follow: 1st place: 5 points 2nd place: 3 points 3rd & 4th place: 1 point each 5th–8th place: 0 points I been running a modified Eternatus-VMAX deck and I been having a lot of success going first (I always decide to go 2nd to be able to use supporters

The Team of Gamblers

  The Team of Gamblers. Can we be one of them? Mahjong is Asia's favorite pasttime. To the West, we have Poker but in the east, it's Mahjong. I always refer to Mahjong (aside from the solitare variation that most people are familair with) as a game that mixes both Rummy and Poker rules and uses dominoes as cards. That's putting it lightly. In most variations of Mahjong, I'll try to explain the gameplay in a very simple way since any variation has their own rules. The main rule in all variations is that you need to make the best hand consistenting of melds and a pair (Similar to Rummy). Those melds are done in tiles of 3 (or 4 if you have a 4 of a kind) and they can be either be a 3 number straight (1-2-3) or trips/three of a kind (3-3-3). The pair can be any 2 of any character. For the most part you can win just playing this but other variations such as Richii (Japan's Mahjong) has a system called Yaku where your hand has to be worth points. Similar to Poker, each w