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What do you guys know about deck-building games? You know the ones where you build your deck as you play not build before you actually play?

There are some mechnical differnces between games like these but we can save that for another post. In this post, I would like to introduce two games that we love to add to our roster of games that we would like to play competitively as well as amateur tournaments to host/sponsor.

Star realms and Hero Realms (Wize Wizard Games) fall under the deck-building genre where you start off with a small amount of cards and then build your deck as each turn goes. Think of it like Chess. The board has open information, everybody knows where the starting positions are (starting hands in this case) and then anything you buy/play after that is up to you. You can pysch your opponents or make some crazy plays pickng up a card you have no intentions of using just to psych them out.

Hero Realms, plays in the same vein as Star Realms with some slightly differences especially in theme. You guys guessed it. One takes place in space and the other in a fantasy world. Both games were designs by ex-MTG pros so you can feel the 1v1ness in both of these games. GAmeplay is very similar with minor nuances.

Example steps/phase: (in a straight shot fashion)

  1. Start with your starting hand
  2. Play all cards from your hand
  3. Purchase new cards
  4. Attack opponents
  5. Draw up to 5 cards
  6. Go back to 1

Even the layout are similar to both games.

Picture from Jesta ThaRogue

Star Realms has a dedicated digital app across multiple platforms with cross play and the ability to share data (buy it on Android able to login to PC) and Hero Realms Digital is currently in developement and hoping to see that later this year! With these cool digital deck-building games on PC we would be able to host slew of tournaments especially with Star Realms having a dedicated community still playing.

Also note that both games have a number of expansions bringing out new features such as new cards, co-op mode and even solo mode! The mechanics are either game changing or game breaking depending on the player but they are sure a fun way to try new things.

Visit our Discord to hang and find games! (Or /r/starrealms)!


Written by DJKNITEX // April 27, 2021


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