Let's get more Pokemon TCG News - Starting with V-Union!

 So with the upcoming Pokemon Sundays I am help running I began to finally dig into the Japanese Meta cause they always have sets ahead of us and their rotation (I think it's now standardized) consisted of more sets included but will change now due to the regulation marks (but they will always have more cards than us)

So in the West, we already got Chilling Reign and we are being introduced to Evolving Skies but late last night we were given the news about the new V-Union Mechanic. A mechanic that might look familiar to veteran TCG players in terms of Legends and Break mechanics.

Whatta ya hear, whatta ya say? - Paulie

Zacian V-Union

Greninja V-Union Deck

Introducing another V Mechanic to be seen in the V-Union Decks that is dropping this Fall (Japan). They don't count as a basic or an evolution pokemon and the only way to play them is when you have all the pieces in your discard pile.  Pokemon V-Union might look similarly to how exodus is played in Yu-Gi-Oh but you won't get an automatic win from playing a V-Union Pokemon.

Some Pokemon V-Union, such as the Greninja V-Union will have multiple abilities on their card but you will still only allow to use one attack move. Another thing is that they are worth 3 prize cards and not as an HP Hog as expected as many of them are around the 300-range making them still a formidable foe against VMAX decks. (You are allowed to play more than 1 V-Union Pokemon but limited to 1 of each unique Pokemon, i.e can't play another Zacian V-Union if already on bench but can add a Greninja V-Union)

Also being introduced is Professor Brunet Promo:

Professor Brunet Promo

We have yet seen the new Pokemon in action but hope to see how the meta changes with these and if later sets will introduce more V-Union cards.

What con I see from this? What are we going to do about table space? Even on our playmat? I already have trouble trying to play all 8 pokemon from my Eternatus deck. Expecting to play 4 of these is asking for room trouble!

Stay tuned for more Odyssey League/Pasadena Pokemon Sunday metas and articles alongside the very first time I'm going to be doing this as well but keeping up with the Japanese Meta. 

Kyogre & Groudon Legend from aeons ago






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