Pokemon Sundays #2 with Final commentary... Of some sort!

Pokemon TCG Showdown!

Our 2nd Pokemon Sunday Session started off with a huge bang! We had more players show up and we even got one from the previous league play. The Casual Sunday Tourney had 9 entrants which is about double from last week.

With this, we were able to see more decks meta or non-meta play. We had a player play with a beefed up version of the Vivid Voltage Charizard deck. We had someone play a Charizard League Battle Deck with some upgrades and of course we saw the usual ADP and Eternatus come into play as well.

The battles were long but we were able to finish it off with a crazy finals which we were able to captured and put up a none-to less professional commentary version of it on youtube (check below!)

Tournament finished!

I may re-assess how to run the finals where the bracket can reset and the someone coming from the lower brackets will have to beat the Winner bracket twice and a 20 minute match timer for each round. All rounds will start at different times so running this casually is no problem but we will need to speed it up or start earlier. There's no concrete rules for the casual sundays as I would like to advertise it as "Pay for a Booster, deck test your build to see if you win another booster". So playing with proxies, Japanese cards, or maybe even editing your deck is allowed just let us know before hand as this is a casual run so even if you pay and lose you still end up getting a booster pack for just having fun.

Main "stage" with Iman and Ryan playing in the Winner Finals

We did get approved for Odyssey League from the store (separate from Pokemon OP League which we will have in the fall) where the players can play with up to two booster boxes worth of prizes. So anyways, hope to see some folks come by again next Sunday and stay tuned this week for some deck analysis and stuff.


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