Pokemon Sundays #3 - No Returning Champions!


The game that keeps bringing in people

A lot can be said about the Pokemon TCG especially since the big "internet boom" last year that brought back out the collectors, new collectors and even the scalpers. Even with the resurgence of people buying packs it ain't stopping some of the veterans such as myself and newer players from playing the game. 

Our 3rd Pokemon Sunday brought in new players from around the area and we battled it out in a tournament for 6 people with the first finals being a BO3. 

It was fun seeing every one playing different decks especially non-meta ones. We seen an electric deck that runs tapu koko vmax instead of pikarom, a beefed up evolution deck, and we saw the occasional ADP.

This was our first tournament to not feature any of the returning champions from the last two Sundays but we hope to see them soon. Let's get someone to win 3 tournies in a row!

We are getting ready to post sign-ups for our OL Season so hopefully we can bring in more folks as we got 6 potential players.

We will also start working on deck analysis posts so you guys can see what whacky builds we are doing or even us translating a popular deck from Japan. (And we all know how Japan is crazy with their Meta.)

Well this was our post about our Sundays so hopefully for anyone whose is reading, keep enjoying Pokemon

Final showdown


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