Pokemon Sundays

 Pokemon Sundays

Running a League every Sunday

I got approved as a Pokemon Professor at the Organizer level awhile back and just recently got our League approved. Unfortuately, Pokemon OP is paused for the rest of the season so we won't be able to get promos or do cool events but that's not stopping us from having Pokemon Sundays where we can have casual fun tournaments for prizes in many different formats.

We got 5 (with 4 playing in the tournament) people to show up for our first day and they came from word of month or an advertisement (that we made) from somewhere else. We rocked out with a 5$ buy in where 1st place will receive 2 booster packs and everyone gets 1 for competing. If we get more players there be more/better prizes.

I'm also looking into running my own League format. Something similar to 8 weeks, 1 league bo3 a week with top 4 playing in the "Odyssey Pokemon Cup" for a chance to win more booster packs and a "trophy"

Everything is still in the works but glad to see some people are showing up to play. Casually or for competitive play. We will offer both so if you guys are in Los Angeles, feel free to stop by on Sundays.




Written by DJKNITEX // June 7, 2021


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