Introducing the Odyssey Pokemon Circuit


Introducing our new Pokemon Circuit. We had a League-style in mind but we decided with player's feedback that we decided to run a circuit. Similar to the DPC (Dota Pro Circuit). Players will play through 8 tournaments to earn Circuit Points (CP) and the top performing players will be invited to the Finals, a double elimination format for much bigger prizes.

Season 1 has just started on July 4th, 2021 with 7 players in the mix (Article write-up soon!), so let's do a quick run-down

Season 1 will consists of 8 tournaments with various formats most of them will be Standard but we will act upon Player's feedback to do an Expanded tournament and a theme deck format. Players will pay a one time fee (per season) of $25 and this will entitle them to a player bonus which includes $10 store credit that players can use to pay for future tournaments or use it in-store. This also enables you to compete and earn various prizes. (Players will be able to pay later but will lose the player bonus if paid too late)

If Less than 8 players: (4 round swiss)

1st Place: 10 CP
2nd Place: 5 CP
3rd Place:  3 CP
4th Place: 2 CP
All participating players will receive 1 CP

If More than 8 Players: (4-6 round swiss)
1st Place: 20 CP
2nd Place: 15 CP
3rd Place: 10 CP
4th Place: 5 CP
5th-6th Place: 3CP
7th-8th Place: 2 CP
All participating players will receive 1 CP

More information will be updated on the OPC site @

If any Poke players in the LA area is looking to compete in a "home" version of the Pokemon Circuit; Come on down to Odyssey Games!


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