OPC #2: Pokemon Sundays with 12 people signed up!


Top 4: Jake, Ryan, Kai, and Johann

Our biggest Sunday tournament yet with 12 players featuring a couple of players from the previous store joined the fray. We had more kids joined so we had a "proxy" friendly tournament and we also ran out of booster packs so we played for store credit.

We saw all sorts of decks ranging from Eternatus to Shadow Rider to the good ol Mad Party. It was a fun time today. 4 round swiss to a 3 way tie breaker. We got big plans for the Odyssey Circuit so I'm hoping more people join so we can have more prizes. Custom playmats and trophies will be on their way and Pokemon OP should be around in a couple months to let us know if they are going to start back up. We need them promos!

Jake's deck that went 4-0; Shadow Rider
Jake came out pretty strong again today. Going 4-0 while last week going 3-1; Statistically showing that he's a strong player that every one should be afraid of with a 7-1 record in the last 2 tournaments. RNG is on Jake's side these last couple sessions.

Pokemon is starting back up and we're glad to see it popping like before. We forgot to record some games but we're hoping to be able to get some VODS for the next few sessions. See ya guys for Sunday #3 for OPC!

*Quick info about the OPC*

Point Distribution:
Less than 8 players:

1. 10
2. 5
3. 3
4. 2
All Players will get 1 TP

More than 8 Players

1. 15
2. 7
3. 5
4. 4
All Players will get 2 TP

Prizes are subject to change depending on the # of players and format.

Awards and random prizes are given out to the Circuit players who have paid and can range from booster packs or store credit!  


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