OPC Event #3 - 14 Player Showdown!


Our 3rd Event for OPC is our biggest yet with newer players joining the circuit and returning players for our casual as well. We have seen a lot of decks come play today especially a family who all ran Inteleon VMAX and competed together like a Gym.

Our usual players would then play other meta decks ranging from Rapid Strike Urshifu to some of the craziest decks such as Blissy.

A "Royal Roader" first time player, Chi, who registered for the circuit came clutch with first place beating out favorite, Jake (Who also went 4-1)

Jake dominated the early rounds with this deck

Our 5 round swiss was crazy with a 2 way tie breaker for 4th place but we all know Top 3 is where you want to be. Circuit points have been updated and we are glad to be able to follow and play with such good Pokemon players.

I'm not very good at writing game analysis so I'm just reporting how awesome our Sundays are; 

Stay tune for more stuff! We also started Digimon but that can be for another day;

Thanks for tuning in


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