Entering the Digital World

The Digimon Card Game is blowing up as of January 2021. Well it was blowing up way before that and thanks to the TCG community in LA (as well as around the world) there has been a slew of tournaments as well as great organized play through Bandai themselves.

Tons of online tournaments has risen with such tournaments like the past Evo Cup, the current Online Regionals, and the upcoming DC-1 Grand Prix. Their promos are amazing as well always awarding players with a little bit of something even if they lose.

Odyssey Games, where we also play Pokemon has been home to the tSn Digimon scene where we play and practice with fellow team members including Matthew (Who has won 3 local tournaments in a row) and other competitive locals.

Online Regionals was a blast even though we lost heavily we strive to play our best regardless of what tournament we are in. Among the sponsored tSn players for Digimon, Tolephi of Arkansas will be competing in his first Online Regionals at the end of the month. He has a great track record for Team SKYNITE especially being picked up for the roster as soon he went 6-2 in July's EVO Cup (an online only tournament played over Discord) where he would place 20th Place among a few hundred players.

Promos! from Core TCG Online Regionals

Preparing to start our Online Regionals

Digimon has been a great game to teach Beginners even coming from other TCGs as well compared to Bandai's other TCG Dragon Ball Super and most popular Magic TCG. The rules are simiplified and tends to be a faster game especially compared to Pokemon and the game does really well in a BO3 format. Digimon Card Game also has multiple formats such as sealed and draft which are normally seen in other TCGs such as Magic and Flesh and Blood but not Pokemon (Aside from Pre-releases)

We will playing more later and hopefully have a good battle report from our DC-1 Grand Prix

Our current Digimon Roster consists of

Nikki aka DJKNITEX
Matthew aka Sawada14
Tolephi aka TYang


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