OPC Event #5


Our biggest event with the largest playerbase to date! With 22 players we watched loads of different decks compete for double circuit points as well as their shot to be on our Youtube commentary for the set. LA Pokemon is blowing up and I like to thanks everyone who comes out to play and support our store at Odyssey Games.

Evolving Skies pre-release is around the corner and I'm hoping that would be our legit largest tournament to date. Pokemon OP should be lifting up soon (fingers cross) so we can start doing League stuff and getting cool Pokemon promos to our store for our regular players (and welcoming new players!)

Shoutouts to Ryan for winning his first event especially since he top cut just a few weeks ago! He will be moving soon and he was an OG from Game Empire before they changed to Odyssey Games. He will be missed by our store but we're lucky to have him come back and bring along old friends.

22 for last week and 26 total unique players!

Anyways come watch our commentary featuring Jake!


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