Season 1 Wrap-Up, Pre-Season , and Upcoming Season 2


Season 1 has just finished! But I won't announce the winner just yet; But I will let you know our Top 3 Leaderboards! (Will not match with OL Leaderboards due to some players dropping)

1. Chi

2. Iman

3. Greg

Aside from the top 3; the other 5 players on the leaderboard up to the 8th invited spot will play-in the play-offs which we will record every game of!

So throughout the month of September is mostly Pre-Season games and warming up before we start Season 2 and we will now host a Win-A-Box Tournament once a month so now our "League" will get even larger.

Season 2 will feature the same format but now we a lot of people interested for the next season so we will now can have multiple boxes for awards and prizes!

Anyways; I know this post is very short and it's been awhile but stay tuned for our Season 1 Play-Offs VODS! (Day 1 is currently on YT but I will link it alongside the actual Play-Off Post!)


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