Odyssey First Win A Box!

 Odyssey Game's first Win a Box went off as expected with 16 players! Our store is normally not the store people will come to play Pokemon TCGs but we have enough of our regular players that we can always run events.

We are waiting for Pokemon OP to start back up which they will in 2022 and we can start doing cool League things!

Anyways a quick run down from the tournament on October 24.

We have new players from the LA show up as well as our regular players. New faces = new decks and playstyles to play against which is great for the locals as they gear up to grind Championship Points for next worlds.

First place would have been a box but it seemed that the Finalists: Fausto and Greg decided to split the box and go home a little early. Which is great, Pokemon is about having fun and making new friends. It's not stomping your enemies the whole time.

Our next one is November 28 at Odyssey Games and we will have a special guest arriving!

Fausto and Greg splitting first place


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