Pre-Releases and upcoming OPC changes

 First of all, we like to thank TPCi for still letting us order pre-releases for non-sanctioned tournaments because it was popping last week! With 18 players out of our 20 slot, it was pretty much a full house with awesome deck building and seeing crazy strategies.

After the tournament after everyone got their packs, we didn't see a lot of Gengars but we did see a lot of Mews being pulled. Can't wait to see what Fusion Strike will bring to the table once it goes legal next week in the rotation!

Depending on how time consuming being a Pokemon Professor is during the revival of Pokemon OP, some of the ideas that we might run for OPC Season 3 (If we end up doing it again) is having an open leaderboard and anyone placing top cut will pay a tournament fee to enter the OPC Cup. This will keep the format casually competitive as a player is not forced to pay early in the season to keep their points rather than play whenever they can and if  they get points they get points.

It's still in the books though

We're almost done with Season 2 but here is a cast of OPC #3 for Season 2! (I know it's late)


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