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BATTLE DIARIES: Playing in a Split-a-Case Tournament

BATTLE DIARIES: Playing in a Split-a-Case Tournament – by Elijah Douresseau I played in a split-a-case (SAC) Sunday. Figured I’d share the match-by-match action I encountered, in a greater attempt to practice in high-stakes scenarios for the San Diego regionals early next year. A SAC is one component of Covid-era programming stores utilized in the absence of sanctioned Play! Pokémon events. Along with $1k prize money tourneys, SACs give players an opportunity to duke it out for a majority share of a case of booster boxes. A case is the retailer-sized order stores place with product distributors to sell individual booster packs. A booster box doesn’t get distributed individually. To take advantage of bulk and wholesale pricing, most distributors sell a “case” of six booster boxes to stores. This is what we played for. A lot of stores putting on this event need a certain amount of support to award booster boxes. As a result, admission pricing tends to be a little higher for thes


– by Elijah Douresseau     Lost Origin is dropping this Friday, 9/9, and I thought it would be fun to detail some of my faves from the forthcoming set.    These selections are purely subjective, mostly chosen on the bases of what I can use for my current and future decks – first – and the overall meta, second.    A quick bit of housekeeping: If you weren’t already aware, Lost Origin is bringing back the Lost Zone mechanic to standard play. The Lost Zone is a secondary discard pile that cards will be able to use to satisfy various effects. The effects will range from modifying attack damage to energy acceleration. But true to its name, anything cast to the Lost Zone is permanently discarded. No recovery is possible – at least not yet. Though counting your discarded cards will be a necessary part of calculating the cost for activating card effects. In most cases, you’ll have to have a certain number of cards in your Lost Zone to activate trainer and Pokémon attack eff