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Packing Your Trainer Bag For The Big Tourney

– By Elijah Douresseau The ’23 Pokémon TCG and VGC Championship season is upon us! It is full-fledged and updating to include even more dates and destinations for what feels like will be a stacked events window. That thing you’re smelling in the air? It’s the renewed spirit and determination of Trainers far and wide to make something of themselves in the great CP race. Thousands of Trainers are making their plans, and checking them twice, to play in Regionals around the country and around the world. In turn, plenty of players in your local communities are also hungry to get scores of games under their belts. They’re looking to break in the dimensions of their next prized list that will storm the premier competitions. If you’re anything like me, you’re into practicing and simulating more than one component of the bigger Trainer contests. I’m also a foodie, and as such, I have a mind to worry about not only the decks I use in high-stakes events but also the provisions I carry a