Reporting on my Latest GLC Competition

 A GLC article by Nikki Xaysanasy

The Gym Leader Challenge, as a format, has been growing – especially since Pokémon’s governing body recognized it as an alternative TCG format. It's being played online, via webcam, at locals – it’s also an established side event at major tournaments. It surely was at the San Diego Regionals I attended earlier in January. To learn more about the format, visit the GLC website at

I am planning on hosting a seasonal league for GLC online, once Pokémon TCG Live is officially released from its current beta rollout and everybody migrates over. Live’s crafting system, in which you can "buy" your own cards, will make it easier for players to get into GLC.

Fortunately, almost everybody's collection from PTCGO will port over so players will not have to restart their digital collections.

I played in a weekly event recently. Read below for my progress through the pairings ladder.

Tournament: Gym Leader Challenge Weekly

View the deck here: (before I make changes) 

Round 1 Recap: Metal

I wish I had more Enhanced Hammers because Dialga VSTAR got set up really quickly. It was able to knock out my Pokémon before I could do any significant poison damage. The speedy Dialga resulted in a quick loss for me.

Round 2 Recap: Dark

I underestimated my opponent's Guzzlord because once it was set up, it was pretty much OHKO season. Another quick loss.

Round 3 Recap: Colorless

Bunnelby, using the special Recycle Energy card, was annoying. I thought I had this one in the bag but my opponent was able to bring back Pokémon quite efficiently, and go for easy knockouts against my board. This was my longest game so I wasn't bitter about losing this one. We had a proper match of strategizing and trading blows.

Round 4 Recap: Colorless

I bricked really hard in this round. Ambipom came in for the kill and I tapped out before turn 4.

Round 5 Recap: BYE

GLC is such a fun format. I have built many decks and I'm still refining my Dark list. Darkness will be my to-go type throughout the year as I continue to play in many different events – like the Cardboard Warriors GLC Seasons. Fingers crossed for Season 3!

Thank you all for reading. And if you are into playing GLC as much as I am, be sure to stay tuned as I write more about my tournament experiences and provide info for our upcoming online league!

Round 1: Metal Dialga – LOSS

Round 2: Guzzlord Dark – LOSS

Round 3: Colorless Bunnelby – LOSS

Round 4: Colorless Ambipom – LOSS

Round 5: BYE

Final Record: 1-4


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