WHO’S THAT TRAINER? – Meet TSN Member – Victor

The man that needs little to no introduction, let me introduce you to Victor. If you ever play or meet Victor for the first time you might think he's nervous and quiet but really he's calm, cool, and collected. As you are sitting there thinking you got an easy win, Victor is calculating every strat possible from the number of cards in his hand. While a monster in his own right, Victor has taken home several locals and also dabs in Gym Leader Challenge. 

Victor has been a regular at Odyssey Games where tSn.Pokemon practice at. It wasn't until recently he was interested in joining Team SKYNITE. With his track record, why wouldn't we accept him. He's familiar with the game and he knows the team as well as other players from the local scene. From Southern California, Victor set foot in the game recently much like the other players we know (Be it, returning post-covid or new to the game all together). Victor has what it takes to help Team SKYNITe reach the big league. So here is the one and only, Victor.

I was able to "sit down" with Victor and able to ask him a couple of questions: 

 Favorite Deck? 
Giratina/Lost box, glad to see it's performing well in Japan, post rotation. 

Favorite type of Pokemon? 
Probably fighting type? Although favorite pokemon is a fire type. (Ninetales) Competitive Goals? Hoping to make Worlds this year, but depends on how Portland goes. I said the same thing about San Diego and I thought I was done after that, but after seeing the CP reduction for this year, got some more hope. 

Favorite Format? 
Probably standard as of now. But I do enjoy playing GLC as well. 

When not playing Pokemon?
Usually playing League or Switch games. Currently grinding in TFT.

Social Handles? 
Katinka4 is my usual one, if that's not available, I go for Katinka004. Although, sometimes use Katinkers too, after playing a bit of Super Smash Bros. in Kevjumba's tournaments


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