SKYNITE’S Scarlet and Violet Pokédex


SKYNITE’S Scarlet and Violet Pokédex – by Elijah Douresseau



The Scarlet and Violet base set was released a couple of weeks ago, and with the fast approaching standard format rotation, we at TEAM SKYNITE thought it would be neat to share some of our favorites from the newest block of cards.

Selections were made under the criteria of effectiveness in the next format. But we also have some faves below because of the art outlay on the cards. Or there was a general affinity for some reprinted cards and their effects.

Whatever the reason, we hope we give you some insight to consider as you get your deck lists ready for the post-rotation beyond:



Arven: I don’t think anyone will outright hate this card. I’ve heard people compare it to Irida, which I can see – as a gut comparison – but I think it functions more like Forest Seal Stone’s cousin. Either way, I appreciate the overall TCG finding a new way to create box deck staples past the tried and true Shady Dealings Inteleon line. Arven will help a lot of decks out, especially since searching for tool cards in the post format will be more difficult with their search designation getting distinguished from item Trainers. This will likely be at least a two-of in a fair amount of decks.



Muk: It’s not super clear yet, but the poison box deck is coming. Poison Sacs will ensure further that this status condition hurts when it hits and becomes a permanent board condition. Muk has always been one of my favorite OG’s. Love this new iteration.

Electric Generator: I’m happy the Electric typing gets some decent acceleration support this time around. It’s not a great one-card answer to ramping up your Pokémon’s attacks – and the governing game design minds have probably anticipated this, for more balance. But this card can likely be used in a bunch of to-be-revealed combos down the line. The fact that this is just an item card (Arven searchable!) increases its versatility as well. I’m into it!


NIKKI (with a GLC focus)

Kingambit: The Leadership ability allows your basic Pokémon to do an additional 30 damage. Guzzlord doing more damage is not what I need but it’s a huge plus!

Seviper: An attack that does 60 damage, with an additional 120 if the opponent is poisoned. This card will work wonders in my Dark Poison deck.



Mabosstiff: How about a single prize Umbreon VMAX that can use a similar gust ability once per turn? Will it be broken in GLC? Probably…? But will it work? Most likely. And you will see me run this in all my dark GLC decks.


NATALIE (our resident Junior on the squad)

Koraidon EX: I love this card. Not really for the gameplay, but for the ART! In terms of gameplay, this card can see some success with Single Strike decks and would pair nicely with Tyranitar.


Beach Court: This card is awesome for Lost Zone Decks, and I’ve already tuned up my Giratina deck with it.

Nest Ball: The new Quick Ball! It has some drawbacks with having to place the Pokémon you get from the deck directly on the bench, but the search still does the trick!




Klefki: As a current Lost Box/Tina player, I’m not looking forward to how locked down Klefki’s ability is going to keep things. I’m going to have to get used to selecting only some of the flowers with my Comfeys being stuck in the active.

Miraidon EX

Koraidon EX (personal favorite)



Beach Court: Really digging this card, especially for Lost Box decks with Comfey and Sableye.


Skwovet: For decks that use the Bibarel draw engine, this card makes those decks stronger! The ability to shuffle your current hand into your deck and then draw a card, while getting four more cards via Bibarel, adds an exciting dimension to these decks.

Miraidon EX: Still figuring things out with this one, but I love the ability! The Regieleki VMAX paring has already seen great success, and Electric Pokémon will be stepping up post-rotation. I am already thinking about how Zeraora, Pikachu, and Raikou V can pair with this card!!



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