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Our picks for Paldea Evolved!

tSn’s Paldea Picks – by Elijah Douresseau Paldea Evolved is dangerously close to its release and the SKYNITE squad wants to make sure you know which cards we’re checking for – with the expansion that follows base set in this still-fresh Scarlet and Violet TCG series.   Paldea almost feels vintage in the way that its setting into further motion the renaissance of the TCG landscape of eight or nine years ago. PE promises even more ex Pok√©mon and card support, more support for the grass type, and more snipe/spread attacks, interestingly.   Read on for our picks, with a collective mind towards to the developing meta game, as well as for alternate formats’ sakes:   VICTOR –     Ting-Lu : I haven’t played many ability-lock decks before, but I’m looking to update my Koraidon ex deck to do so. It should help make matchups against some of the top decks a little more bearable.    Wattrel, Murkrow, Flamigo : Might be three different cards, but they’ve all g