Our picks for Paldea Evolved!

tSn’s Paldea Picks – by Elijah Douresseau

Paldea Evolved is dangerously close to its release and the SKYNITE squad wants to make sure you know which cards we’re checking for – with the expansion that follows base set in this still-fresh Scarlet and Violet TCG series.


Paldea almost feels vintage in the way that its setting into further motion the renaissance of the TCG landscape of eight or nine years ago. PE promises even more ex Pokémon and card support, more support for the grass type, and more snipe/spread attacks, interestingly.


Read on for our picks, with a collective mind towards to the developing meta game, as well as for alternate formats’ sakes:






Ting-Lu: I haven’t played many ability-lock decks before, but I’m looking to update my Koraidon ex deck to do so. It should help make matchups against some of the top decks a little more bearable. 


Wattrel, Murkrow, Flamigo: Might be three different cards, but they’ve all got one thing in common: Night Mar- I mean, United Wings. With one of the three being dark-type – watch out, Mew and Gardevoir!


Reversal Energy: I’m looking forward to the number of single-prize decks Reversal Energy is going to enable. Wugtrio mill, anyone? You just have to watch out for Lost Box, but when don’t you?







Forretress ex: I probably wouldn’t agree to the likely strong objections to this card being noteworthy, or good, but I think I mostly just want the grass type to be viable again. There are so many grass Pokémon in this set. The game design minds are trying to tell us something! Between Forretress and the Gardenia’s Vigor supporter, maybe we can see a halfway decent turbo grass deck emerge in the Paldea meta.


Pelipper: This is an evolution so the tradeoff of being the spiritual successor to Lumenion V and Eldegoss V is that ya gotta evolve, but the bench liability is now a one-prizer. I think people will use it. I just don’t think its tech presence in decks will be super straightforward. Shoutout to the Astral Radiance Gallade also.


Boss’s Orders/Iono: A cheat, but I’m happy these legacy supporter effects are here to stay. Boss won’t be rotating for a very long time now. Having gust in format will never not be useful to close out games, and reliable hand disruption makes for effective draw support. Missed you, N/Marnie!







Meowscarada ex: A little tricky getting it into play because it’s a Stage 2, but I love the spread of damage with its ability. And its attack pairs so nicely!  


Chien-Pao ex: By far my favorite. The ability is killer, and the attack is no joke. Chien-Pao is gonna play cleanup in a lot of my decks. Shoutout to Irida and Melony! Water types are going to go hard with this new release.


Baxcalibur ex: The water deck hype is real! Baxcalibur ex seems to be the perfect sidekick to Chein-pao! I can't wait to start playing with them in tourneys! My immediate thoughts are how I fit Palkia with these two, lol. Not sure yet, but best believe there are going to be some crazy decks after this set drops. 







Paldean Clodsire ex: Who is not excited about Poison Box making a comeback? Too bad Glimwood Tangle isn't in standard anymore. Banking on a coin flip isn't fun, but you poison with the Toxic Wetland ability, and then pair it with Alolan Raticate from PGO for that Super Fang move. The attack will bring any Pokémon’s HP down to 10, and you let the poison status condition finish the job. You will see me rock this deck at locals. I hope no one is expecting it.


Super Rod: I haven't seen this since the Black and White era, but the nostalgia is the reason it’s in my top 3. It's not as good as Energy Recycler – but hey – it does bring back memories.


Squawkabilly ex: Is Dedenne GX making a comeback? I would like to start with this card rather than a Lumineon because of the Professor’s-Research-lite ability. Unfortunately, it’s only useable on your first turn. Still, I bet anyone would prefer to have this on the field for their first turn rather than a bricked hand. Hopefully it sees some high level play!


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