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My Very Own Hot Sauce and Water Blend – Battle Diaries

by Elijah Douresseau     It was another ripe weekend for Pokémon Challenges in the LA and greater LA areas, as the official Regional circuit kicked off in Pittsburgh.    The top-tier meta scene still contains an army of Lost Box decks. As time goes on and expansions…expand the standard landscape, variations of the best decks in format can also increase. And some older versions may resurface with a vengeance (ahem – Giratina, anyone?).    During the registration phase of this Challenge, someone may have heard me say, “Let those Lost Boxes, those Palkias come at me, bro! Heck, give me all the smoke from them Miraidons,” as I decided to play my Quaquaval list I’ve been tinkering with for a couple of months.     Now Quaquaval ex and baby Quaquaval might not have a ton of visibility right now. I don’t know if they ever did. Admittedly, the ex version is probably the most straightforward of the ex starters – not that that is a strong reason not to play it. Coupled